Update Add Tez Burner Wallet

If scammers are caught, fxhash.xyz or objkt.com support flags the collection as well as the creator.

The collection is worthless.

From now on there is also a burner wallet for Tez-NFTs:


Send your flagged NFTs to this wallet if you want… they rotten in hell….

(Sample, Vixxy .. Twitter & Instagram Account was deleted – Scammer – Rug Pull)

Unwanted NFT’s & Coins

  • Scammers send NFT’s or Coins to private wallets.
  • NFT projects are so bad that people want to get rid of the digital garbage.

    Unfortunately, I had to make the experience that scammers push an NFTs or tokens into the wallet. That’s annoying to me. In order not to send anyone the garbage, I have created a Phantom and Metamask garbage wallet for myself. That’s where every scrap, scams, garbage NFTs that nobody wants ends up.

ATTENTION: one way – everything that ends up here stays in it.

Of course, you can look at the garbage. The wallet IDs are publicly available.

You can also use the wallets for your garbage!

Phantom-Garbage-Wallet (SOL):


Metamask-Garbage-Wallet (ETH):


Phantom Wallet SCAM

This NFT Drop is a SCAM.
Use the Link and your SOL Balance is gone.

Dont use the Link – Its SCAM!
Official Solana Metaverse NFT Launch | Only 1500 NFTs! – Telegraph (officialsolanamints.com)